A Heartbreaking Loss: Six-Year-Old Lucy Morgan’s Tragic Accident

In a devastating turn of events, six-year-old Lucy Morgan’s life was cut short in a freak accident while on vacation with her family in Limerick, Maine. A broken racket handle pierced her skull, leaving her with severe injuries.

Lucy’s father, Pastor Jesse Morgan, shared the tragic news on his blog, describing how his daughter suffered a devastating head injury that left her unresponsive but breathing on her own. Rushed to the hospital and later airlifted to Maine Medical Center, Lucy underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her brain.


Despite medical efforts, Lucy’s brain function continued to decline, leaving her family with a grim prognosis. In a heart-wrenching update, Jesse shared that his daughter had shown signs of brain death, and her chances of recovery were slim.

In a poignant blog post, Jesse revealed that just a month prior, Lucy had expressed her desire to be saved and had prayed for forgiveness, showing a maturity beyond her years. Her family held onto hope, seeking second opinions and praying for a miracle.


Tragically, Lucy passed away at 4 am, surrounded by her loved ones. Her family has been overwhelmed with support, with a GoFundMe page exceeding its initial target of $100,000 and continuing to grow.

As we mourn the loss of this precious young life, we remember Lucy’s faith and her family’s unwavering hope in the face of tragedy. May her memory be a blessing, and may her family find comfort in the love and support that surrounds them.

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