A Legendary Huntsman And Longtime Friend Of King Charles Dies Aged 78

Friends called him “The Captain,” and he passed away.

The King and Queen’s close friend Ian Farquhar passed away in his cottage on the monarch’s Highgrove Estate.

Not only was Farquhar a legendary hunter in Britain, but he was also renowned for his superb company and wicked sense of humour.

In addition to serving as the Queen Mother’s equerry, Farquhar was a captain in the cavalry regiment of the Queen’s Own Hussars.

Having spent many years living at Highgrove in a farmhouse he rented from the Estate, he was close to both the King and the Queen.

According to reports from Highgrove, he passed away early on Wednesday.

Andrew Parker Bowles, the first husband of the Queen and a close friend, talked with Richard Eden of The Daily Mail.

He claimed that Farquhar’s health has been deteriorating in recent months and that his departure was “very sad.”

He stated of Farquhar that he was “wild as a hawk in his youth, but always great fun.”

It paints a picture of Farquhar as a man who liked life and good company and did not take himself too seriously, but who took his work seriously and was exceptionally good at it.

Farquhar would be “judged by history as one of the great Master of Hounds,” according to Parker Bowles.

According to a royal source, Farquhar became an integral part of Highgrove’s daily operations, and the King seemed to value having a close friend nearby.

According to the story, Farquhar would frequently walk over the Highgrove fields to have dinner with the King.

On other times, he would drive until his vehicle became “hoplessly bogged down,” at which point he would walk the remaining distance, leaving the automobile to be recovered at a later date.

After leaving the Army, Farquhar wed Pammie-Jane Chafer, with whom he eventually had three kids.

After Prince William graduated from Eton in 2000 and started dating Rose Farquhar, their friendship with the King grew even tighter.

The two started what would out to be the Prince’s short-lived but memorable “first love” at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire.

The two are still friends, and in 2022, Rose married George Gemmell in front of William.

Despite their final separation, Farquhar and his wife Pammie-Jane remained friends.

As the most illustrious and extensive hunt in the West Country, the Beaufort hunt is led by Farquhar, who held the title of Master of the hunt.

“It is with broken hearts we send our love and condolences to the family and friends of our own Captain Ian Farquhar, who so brilliantly piloted us for 34 years and passed away peacefully this week,” the Beaufort Hunt wrote alongside a carousel on Instagram that featured Farquhar at various stages of his life.

The hunting community liked and respected “Captain,” as he was affectionately called, since he was a kind, helpful, and always available source of insightful counsel for everyone who asked.

“He had a wicked sense of humour and anyone who was lucky enough to be in his company and listen to tales of his extremely varied and adventurous life both in the army and the hunting world will hold onto those memories forever.”

It was evident that Farquhar was a true countryman; he was a deeply passionate individual who cared about the things that were important to him, and he was well valued by everyone who knew him.

Without a doubt, the King treasured his confidante and his ability to make people laugh.

The King is grieving as he continues to travel between Sandringham and London for treatment of his cancer. The news of Farquhar’s passing arrives at a difficult moment.

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