A widely beloved superstar has passed away today

TikTok player Brian Chira recently died, which was terrible for his 317,000 followers.

What do we know about the Kenyan star whose videos were known for being funny and fun?

How did Brian Chira look?
Brian Chira was born in Kiambu, Kenya, on July 6, 1996. He was a TikToker.

One of his videos, called “witness,” which showed off his bubbly personality, went viral and launched his career.

A report from The City Celeb says Brian could make $722 per TikTok live.

Besides that, he made news when he said he had HIV.

K24 TV asked him: “How I got HIV is still a story I get difficulties talking about, I’ve never talked about it, in fact, this is an exclusive you’re getting.”

He talked about how he was invited to a fancy party in Mombasa and took a bus to get there like everyone else.

He said that he got there early and needed to find a place to hang out before the party began.

Then he said that a man at the party had sexually assaulted him.

But the star is also no stranger to trouble. He was in a fight over allegedly making defamatory comments about the famous TikTok user Azziad Nasenya.

Where is Brian Chira now?
Brien Chira died after being hit by a car that didn’t stop.

Police say the accident happened around 3 a.m. on the Ndenderu-Ruaka Road in Kiambu County.

As part of the investigation into what happened, the body will be put through an autopsy.

Plus, they’ll go to places Chira had been before the accident.

Also, police are looking into claims that Chira may have been drunk when the accident happened in the Gacharage area.

Police chief of Kiambaa sub-county Pius Mwanthi said they still haven’t found the truck that they think hit Chira.

“The accident took place at night, and right now people are trying to find the car that caused it.” “They haven’t been caught yet,” he said.

As part of the search for the canter’s identity, he said, a team will look at surveillance cameras near the scene and along the road.

It was his opinion that the person who did this should also come forward and report it to help with the investigation.

It was terrible when Chira’s friend took him home on a motorcycle.

A few of his family members and friends went to the morgue to identify him.

The star’s head was said to be badly hurt.

The family has asked people who care about them to help them raise money so that he can be buried.

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