Why Kate Middleton will possibly stay out of public eye until ‘after Easter’

It’s been two months since Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, was last seen in public and the Palace has been heavily criticized for keeping her medical record as secret. What has been revealed following her “planned” abdominal surgery was that her condition was noncancerous and that she had cleared her schedule and won’t be returning … Read more

Simon Cowell stated that his only son would not inherit his $600 million fortune and would be donated to charity

Simon Cowell is recognized for being a severe, brutally honest, and occasionally cruel judge on TV talent shows. The producer, media firm owner and creator of popular series like The X Factor and America’s Got Talent has done well for himself. All of this despite his tough-guy TV reputation. Now a doting father, Simon Cowell … Read more

Mark Wahlberg’s Super Bowl appearance leaves people “embarrassed” – and everyone is saying the same thing

Unsurprisingly, there’s a hell of a lot to unpack after last night’s Super Bowl. Aside from the on-field antics (which were nail-biting, to say the least), there was also the usual amount of headline-spinning intrigue playing out off-pitch too. Usher had his half-time show, Taylor Swift was present to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce, and … Read more