Movie legend has died today in a tragic car accident

It’s a “legend” that MAD MAX stuntman Grant Page died in a scary car accident when he was 85 years old.

The Australian star was driving alone when he crashed into a tree, which made the police and fire departments rush to the scene.

Even though police and ambulances arrived quickly, the movie star tragically died.

His 49-year-old son Leroy called his dad a “legend” and said he was working on upcoming movies.

He told the Daily Mail Australia, “He died in a very good mood and with a lot of drive.” He was blissful.

Not much else is known about the accident that happened in New South Wales on Thursday.

Page was in a number of well-known action movies, such as The Man from Hong Kong, Deathcheaters, Roadgames, and Stunt Rock.

He had most recently worked on Three Thousand Years of Longing and Furiosa, a prequel to Mad Max that will come out later this year.

Friends in the business have paid tribute to the stuntman, who first appeared on the scene in the 1970s.

“Grant Page was Australia’s first stunt performer and my friend for fifty-two years,” his former manager Brian Trenchard-Smith said yesterday.

“I’ll really miss him. He was an amazing person who lived a completely honest life.

“Age makes us heavy, gravity pulls us down, and death waits for us if we dare too much,” Grant said, “Not necessarily, since he was able to change the rules of physics and probability.”

He had a “extraordinary ability” as a stuntman, Trenchard-Smith said.

“He’s the guy you get to dodge the cars, slide down the cliff on fire, jump into the water and fight the shark.”

Jamie Blanks, an Australian director, also wrote online, “I just learned the terrible news that my dear friend and legendary Australian stuntman Grant Page has died.”

For me, Grant was one of the most wonderful, kind, and brave men I’ve ever known.

“The death of this Australian legend makes me very sad today.” Grant, please rest in peace.”

Dr. Luke Buckmaster, an Australian film critic, called him “brave, audacious, and devilishly cheeky.” He also said that he left a legacy “written in tire streaks and burn marks.”

“Transfer” was the name of one of his iconic moves.

He jumped from one car window to another while they were both going very fast down a road.

Page’s four sons—Leroy, Adrian, 52, Jeremy, 51, and Gulliver, 47—along with his ex-wife Joy and ex-partner Ulli will miss him.

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