Sacrificed for Gunther, Forgotten feats – 4 reasons why Ricochet is leaving WWE

Ricochet is currently a major talking point in the world of WWE. Recent reposts have sparked rumors about The One and Only parting ways with the Stamford-based promotion.

According to PWInsider, the former United States Champion has informed WWE that he is leaving after his contract expires this summer. This news has prompted mixed reactions from fans online, with some supporting the former IC Champion’s decision while others believe he should stay with WWE.

However, in this article, we will explore four reasons why The One and Only may have chosen to depart from World Wrestling Entertainment.

#4. Ricochet’s poor booking and treatment could be a major reason

One of the primary reasons behind this potential decision could be the poor booking and treatment of Ricochet in WWE.

Before joining the NXT brand, the former IC Champion was known as Prince Puma and was booked as a top-tier talent. However, his current treatment in the company seems to have relegated him to mid-card status.

Additionally, Ricochet hasn’t been involved in any high-profile storylines in recent months, which could be another factor influencing his decision to depart from WWE.

#3. Lack of main event scene exposure

Since making his main roster debut on RAW and SmackDown, Ricochet has faced a significant problem, which is the lack of exposure in the main-event scene, particularly in World Title matches.

Despite being part of the main roster since 2019, the 35-year-old star is yet to hold a World Championship in the Stamford-based promotion. This could be another reason behind his potential departure from WWE.

#2. No major title victory from the past few years

The last time Ricochet held a major title in WWE was the Intercontinental Championship, which he won in 2022. However, he lost the title after a 98-day reign to Gunther, marking the beginning of The Ring General’s historic title run.

Since then, the 35-year-old star hasn’t held any major titles. Although he recently won the newly introduced Speed Championship, he lost it after just 48 days to Andrade.

This lack of major championship victories, despite having immense talent, could be another compelling reason behind the RAW star’s decision to leave.

#1. Backstage frustration could be a reason

With the former United States Champion making such a significant decision to leave after a long tenure, it seems likely that backstage frustration could also be a contributing factor.

Although there are no current reports about this, the sudden news of his departure could be linked to potential backstage issues within the Stamford-based promotion.

All these factors collectively appear to be reasons behind The One and Only apparent decision to leave the company.

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