Cher Says She Will Leave America… What Do You Say To Her?

The “Believe” singer also addressed her anxieties about what the future for trans people will look like in an interview with ‘The Guardian’Cher might not be “strong enough” to survive another Trump presidency. In an interview with The Guardian released Wednesday, the “Believe” singer opened up about how “horrified” she’d feel if former President Donald … Read more

Gary Burghoff abandoned his position as Radar on M*A*S*H because he wanted to focus on being a parent, which he believes is more important than fame or money.

As Radar, a recently recruited 18-year-old who showed up with his teddy bear and instantly became everyone’s friend in the popular series M*A*S*H, actor Gary Burghoff won over admirers. Throughout his program, he won many prizes, which helped to build his brand. Because he felt he wasn’t getting his due, he once decided to leave … Read more