In the quiet twilight of an extraordinary life, America’s oldest statesman, Jimmy Carter, has been enveloped in the serenity of hospice care for over a year, a testament to his enduring resilience. This period of reflection, far surpassing the typical hospice duration, encapsulates the depth of Carter’s journey, shadowed by battles with grave illnesses but … Read more

The 3-year-old kid of a rodeo star passes away two weeks after a devastating river accident

The little son of popular rodeo performer Spencer Wright, Levi Wright, has away. Following a near-drowning episode on May 21, the three-year-old suffered a catastrophic brain damage and passed away. Levi was admitted to a hospital in Salt Lake City on May 21 after he unintentionally ran a toy tractor into a river close to … Read more

«How dare she?» Keanu Reeves brings his gray-haired girlfriend to the Red Carpet and steals the spot

People can’t help calling Reeves’s girlfriend an «ugly duckling», so she made them want their words back!  While people recalled her as someone «too plain», she put on a revealing dress and showed why the actor chose her!  Grant knows how to surprise!  See her most daring look in this article!  When talking about Keanu Reeves, it is … Read more