«Like an angel before tattoos!» This is what a 25-year-old girl looked like before 600 tattoos

Amber, a 25-year-old woman, underwent a drastic transformation with over 600 tattoos, altering her appearance significantly. Prior to this decision, she was described as an “angelic beauty,” as seen in archived photos. However, she chose to cover her body with tattoos and underwent multiple surgeries, including one on her eye, which impaired her vision. Despite … Read more

PETA targets school photographers, demands they find alternative to ‘Say cheese!’

PETA has launched a campaign urging photographers to stop using “Say cheese!” before taking photos, arguing that the phrase is outdated and insensitive to animal suffering. Instead, they propose using phrases like “Say peas” to encourage smiles without referencing dairy products. In letters to school photography companies like Geskus Photography, Inc., PETA emphasized the need … Read more

Tattoo addict inks 95 percent of his body, reveals what he looked like just 5 years ago

Tattoos are just one of many ways to express one’s individuality. While some people go with a little tattoo, others go all out, decorating entire body parts. Tristan Weigelt, a 26-year-old tattoo apprentice covered in extreme body art, made headlines after showing what he looked like prior to using his body as a canvas. The before … Read more

A Missing Little Girl Who Was Featured On “Unsolved Mysteries” Has Finally Been Found

Missing Teen from “Unsolved Mysteries” Found Safe After Four Years Kayla Unbehaun, a teenager who had been missing since 2017 and was prominently featured on Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries,” has been miraculously located in North Carolina. At the age of fifteen, she was found alive and safe. This heartwarming development comes as a relief to many … Read more

Family Dollar, Dollar Tree to close about 1,000 stores

FILE – An exterior view of a Family Dollar store. (Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) Dollar Tree said it will close about 1,000 of its Family Dollar stores after suffering a significant quarterly loss. Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar, on Wednesday announced that it will shutter 600 of its Family Dollar … Read more

Keanu Reeves Proved He Is Not Father of 4 Kids with DNA Test – Their Mother Still Doubted Its Result

A woman accused actor Keanu Reeves of being the father of her four adult children and demanded $3 million a month in spousal support. Meanwhile, Reeves claimed never to have even met the woman. Being a known celebrity in the entertainment industry means dealing with all kinds of fans, including out-of-control ones. While some stars … Read more

Embracing Aging Naturally: Melissa Gilbert’s Inspiring Journey

Observing how young celebrities develop and change as they go through life is incredibly fascinating. After experiencing initial success, some people may fade away, while others continue to shine and develop into extraordinary people. The latter category includes Melissa Gilbert, who is best recognized for playing Laura Ingalls Wilder in “Little House on the Prairie,” … Read more

Prince William “beside himself” as Kate Middleton reportedly considering sad decision with huge consequences

Kate Middleton is reportedly considering stepping away from her royal duties altogether, according to a shock new article published by Radar Online. The information is said to come from a Palace source, who supposedly told the National Enquirer that though the Princess of Wales hasn’t made a concrete decision one way or the other yet, … Read more