Exclusive: Kate Middleton Makes First Public Appearance Since Abdominal Surgery, According to Onlookers

After‌ months of speculation and rumors, Kate Middleton has finally been seen in public for the first time since​ her ⁣January surgery. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted ‍at her favorite farm shop ⁣in Windsor, just ‌one mile from her home at Adelaide Cottage. The speculation surrounding Kate’s health reached a fever pitch last week … Read more

Cause of death revealed for mother of two who mysteriously died on flight from Dominican Republic

The autopsy for Stefanie Smith, the mother of two who suddenly died on a flight home to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic, has reportedly been completed. According to her brother, Chris Volz, Smith died of natural causes. Keep reading to learn more. On February 28, Smith, 41, suddenly fell ill while onboard an American Airlines flight … Read more

What Ben Affleck said to Jennifer Lopez during their famous red carpet “argument” is revealed by lip readers

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it appeared that they were arguing on the red carpet. Since the Los Angeles incident, where paparazzi were present to photograph the famous couple arguing, rumors have abounded. We’ll get right to the point: most media outlets have likely greatly exaggerated … Read more

This is how the 1960s bombshell looks now, at the age of 83, after becoming a star thanks to “The Graduate.”

Katharine Juliet Ross transformed from an unknown actress to an Academy Award nominee over night. She is best known for her role as Elaine in The Graduate, which she shared with Dustin Hoffman. She transformed over time into what was dubbed a Hollywood bombshell by many at the time. Ross has up to this point … Read more