“Older woman” who took Prince Harry’s virginity steps forward: All you need to know about Sasha Walpole

Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” stirred controversy since its release, exacerbating tensions within the British Royal Family. Notably, Harry revealed intimate details, including losing his virginity at 17. While he didn’t disclose the woman’s identity, Sasha Walpole recently came forward, sharing her account of the event. Walpole described their encounter behind a pub as impulsive and … Read more

Allegations over Prince William affair

Rose Hanbury has addressed rumors of an affair with Prince William, breaking her silence. Amidst public intrigue over Kate Middleton’s health and other royal dramas, speculation mounted. The Palace’s sparse updates fueled theories about Kate’s condition, exacerbated when she disappeared from public view. The release of a Mother’s Day photo intensified gossip, including rumors of … Read more