Teacher Proposes A 12-Hour School Day To Break Children’s Smartphone Addictions

Andrew O’Neill, the head teacher of All Saints Catholic College in Notting Hill, West London, has unveiled an ambitious plan to combat what he describes as a “100 percent phone addiction” among his students. Under this initiative, the school will implement a 12-hour school day, with students expected to arrive at 7 am and remain … Read more

My Late Mom’s Surprise Inheritance

Gabby, a young woman, sat in the lawyer’s office with her three siblings, Maya, Tasmin, and Robert. They were about to hear their late mother’s final wish as her will was read.Before them were envelopes. Gabby’s siblings opened theirs to find a one-dollar bill inside. Confusion filled the room. Gabby, however, held an envelope that … Read more

Tattoo Addict Inks 95 Percent Of His Body, But Wait Till You See What He Looked Like Just 5 Years Ago

One of the various methods to express one’s uniqueness is via tattoos. Some people stick to a small tattoo, while others go large and adorn entire body areas. After revealing his before photo, 26-year-old tattoo apprentice Tristan Weigelt grabbed headlines. Tristan is covered in outrageous body art. The earlier pictures were amazing. See the photographs … Read more

Jamie Farr, a.k.a the cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in “MAS*H,” and his wife, Joy, are marking an incredible 60 years of marriage!

Hollywood actor Jamie Farr married his wife, Jo Ann Richards, almost 60 years ago, but when he proposed to her, it was without a ring. Farr did not propose to his woman with a ring, not because he was not chivalrous enough, but because he had no money to purchase a ring. Thankfully, their union … Read more

Cillian Murphy Remains Faithful to His Very Private Wife of Nearly 2 Decades — What Does She Look

Throughout his illustrious career, acclaimed Irish actor Cillian Murphy has garnered a remarkable array of awards and accolades. From gripping performances on the big screen to captivating portrayals in television series, Murphy’s talent has consistently left audiences in awe. Behind this remarkable actor’s success stands a steadfast pillar of support: his wife, Yvonne McGuinness. Murphy … Read more