Husband-to-be wants everyone at their wedding ceremony to know his fiancée is not ‘pure’

Sometimes we believe we know someone until they show their true face and turn our world upside down. It was back in November 2022 when a woman who found herself in a total confusion because of an unusual request decided to take to the Reddit’s forum Off My Chest and seek advice. Starting her story, the woman … Read more

Four veterans receive their diplomas nearly 70 years after they left high school to join the Air Force

When the Springdale School District celebrated the Class of 2022 they also honored four students who would have graduated in 1956 had they not decided to join the military. Carl Stults, Bobby Burke, Charles Leroy Moon, and Bob Self, dubbed “super seniors,” received honorary diplomas alongside the 484 graduating seniors of Springdale High School. The … Read more

John Schneider slams Beyoncé’s new country song and compares her to ‘a urinating dog’

Beyonce’s move to country music doesn’t seem to be an act loved by everyone. John Schneider, who plays in The Dukes of Hazzard, expressed strong feelings against the super star after she made a decision her song “Texas Hold ‘Em” to be played on a country music radio station in Oklahoma last week. Appearing on One American … Read more