Emotional Impact: 10-Year-Old Impresses with National Anthem, Tears Grown Men”

Jadon Perez’s 10-year-old recital of the National Anthem stands out among other children singing it, and it is gaining popularity on social media. Jadon, who is well-known on TikTok for his great voice, sang live at a golf tournament fundraiser. Wow, that’s incredible! It’s amazing how music, especially when performed with such passion and skill, … Read more

Riley Gaines and Candace Owens Team Up And Demolish Whoopi Goldberg: “She Hates Everything” YOU MAY LIKE

Since she tapes at the same time as “T^he View,” Candace and her new friend decided they’d call in and talk to Whoopi Goldberg.“She hates everything,” said Candace, “I doubt she’ll even take the call.” She was right, of course. Whoopi declined to talk to the two young stars in person but she did send … Read more