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Riley Gaines and Candace Owens Team Up And Demolish Whoopi Goldberg: “She Hates Everything” YOU MAY LIKE

Since she tapes at the same time as “T^he View,” Candace and her new friend decided they’d call in and talk to Whoopi Goldberg.“She hates everything,” said Candace, “I doubt she’ll even take the call.”

She was right, of course. Whoopi declined to talk to the two young stars in person but she did send a message through her producers. “There’s no room for extremists on The View,” she said, “And there never will be.”Considering she’s the real extremist, the irony was palpable. Candace responded by holding up a giant “laugh-react” sign. She and Riley then spent a solid three minutes making fun of her hair. The episode will air when the show comes back in the fall.

Whoopis wouldn’t speak with ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole about the incident. Instead, she sent yet another cease and desist letter asking us to stop using her in these stories.“Please. I’m begging you,” she wrote, “Just find someone else. Anyone else. I’m tired of being fired or canceled every other day. Move on to anyone else. Literally. Take Joy for Christ’s sake. Nobody will miss her.”Unfortunately, Joy isn’t anywhere near the draw that Whoopi is.NOTE : THIS ARTICLE IS BORROWED!

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