63-year-old grandma and her 26-year-old lover reveal they’re pregnant – “How is this possible?”

They’ve achieved massive social media fame – inciting all manner of controversy along the way – but 63-year-old Cheryl McGregor and her 26-year-old partner Quran McCain are now reportedly expecting a baby!

The couple are no strangers to making headlines, having seen their relationship be dissected and discussed ever since they started making videos for their TikTok channel.

Despite their 37 year age gap, the pair have insisted that they’re genuinely in love with one another, and regularly update their fans as to the life they lead together. Their videos have attracted some criticism, but it would appear that neither Cheryl or Quran are too concerned about that.

As per reports, the unlikely lovebirds are constantly mistaken for grandmother and grandson, having met when Quran worked at fast food restaurant Dairy Queen (Cheryl’s son was his boss).

“We didn’t think much of each other – she drove a baby blue Carrera and that’s the only reason I noticed her,” Quran told The Sun.

When Quran left his job, the two lost contact. But in 2020, they met again when Quran went to a convenience store where Cheryl was working. From there on, the two of them got closer and closer, and eventually, their relationship developed into something romantic.

“We connected on a spiritual level. No matter the situation, we just have a certain vibe that connects anytime we are around each other. We went on a date and I told her feel like I’m catching feelings,” Quran said.

Fast forward to present, and it doesn’t appear as though the naysayers are going to be able to separate Cheryl and Quran. On the contrary, the couple are now expecting their first child together.

Taking to social media, they announced the news to their millions-strong fan base, with the Georgia-based pair confirming their surrogate had fallen pregnant.

“It’s finally happening, we’re starting our family,” McGregor said.

The couple went on to explain that Cheryl, already a grandmother, was able to provide a viable egg, though they decided to go down the path of surrogacy. “We’re very excited about it,” McGregor said. “We can’t wait!”

The new baby will make Cheryl a mother of eight (her other seven children are in their 30s and 40s). She’s also grandmother of no less than 17.

Needless to say, the reaction on social media to the couple’s pregnancy announcement was everything one might expect. There was heavy criticism from some individuals, as there always will be when dealing with such sensitive topics, as well as a deal of confusion.

“How is this possible?” one fan asked.

Another added: “Congrats, but how?” 

“IS THIS REAL?!” quizzed a third.

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