After dog is hit and killed by car, family’s brutal sign has the whole neighborhood talking

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog, or even looked after one for any meaningful period of time, can attest to the loving bond that’s usually formed whether one wants it or not.

I can remember my father standing firm on his opinion that our family would under absolutely no circumstances be getting a dog. In fact, so against it was he that it was only when my brothers and I surprised our mother with a dog for Christmas that he relented and said it could stay.

Low and behold, within three months there was one person in the house who adored that dog above all others, worshipped the ground it walked on even… yep, you guessed it, my dad.

As a result of having lived with a dog for many years, I know just how quickly they become true members of the family. Which is why the idea of losing a dog to a speeding car is truly a heartbreaking prospect…

It’s no huge overstatement to suggest that burying a dog is to some people akin to burying a close relative.

Sadly, too many dogs are hit and killed each year by reckless, speeding drivers. You know the types: those who seem to believe the rules of the road don’t apply to them, even in residential areas, or those who simply think they can get away with driving dangerously.

If anyone you know springs to mind, perhaps it’s time to show them a sign that went viral online after one poor family lost their dog to a speeding driver.

As per reports, the family in question erected the sign on their front lawn in the hopes that other drivers might heed their clear warning.

Some might think the message a little forceful, but I for one can sympathize with the family’s plight.

”We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down,” the sign read. “If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.”

An image of the sign was uploaded to Reddit and later Facebook, where it proved immensely popular.

One Facebook user wrote: ”Love the sign. People drive way too fast in neighborhoods. More than 20 is to fast. Kids on bikes. Kids playing in their own yard and a ball goes in the street, it happens. So why is there this problem. Well it’s because people are f**king idiots. Plain and simple.”

Meanwhile, a Reddit user said: ”I never understand why people speed through neighborhoods…or parking lots. Seriously…what’s the logic in that?” 

”Damn straight! One of my dogs got away from me and the woman who ran over him didn’t even slow down. Just ran over him. Same could happen to a child,” a third added on Facebook.

That said, the sign was also criticized by some. Certain users were of the opinion that the family in question shouldn’t let their dogs roam free and potentially end up in harm’s way.

Where do you stand on the matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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