Breastfeeding mum left in tears when told to ‘cover up’ by Pret manager

A first-time mum was left “totally shocked” and in tears when told she should “cover up” while breastfeeding in a Pret as “it’s not really allowed”.

Emma, from Reading, was with her nine-week-old baby girl Daisy when her daughter called to be fed.

She and her partner Joe decided to go to her local Pret in Reading’s The Oracle, where she found a hidden corner near the toilets where she could breastfeed her newborn.

It was then that Emma noticed how the cafe’s manager was watching her before going over to tell her partner she “would need to cover up and be discreet” as it “isn’t really allowed”, BerkshireLive reports.

Emma, who has only been out on few occasions since giving birth, said she was left in “total shock” over the comments at the Pret on July 28.

She was told breastfeeding “isn’t really allowed” in the Berkshire cafe
The new mum, who said she had breastfed during a meeting and no one had minded, said then turned her back to the cafe as she broke into tears and didn’t want anyone to see her upset.

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