During the filming of Season 7, the Young Sheldon Set video depicts the emotional aftermath of George’s final scene

In “A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture,” Young Sheldon season 7, episode 12, George passed away following a heart attack at work. That morning, though, Sheldon’s father even got to see his wife and twin children before leaving.

They had no idea that it would be the final time they saw him leave the building.

The aftermath of George’s last Young Sheldon scene was captured in a brand-new set video posted by Cooper’s fan on TikTok, showing Lance Barber leaving the Cooper family residence.

The opposite side of George’s final scene is revealed in the Young Sheldon behind-the-scenes video. Everyone was silent as the cameras started to roll, but Barber seemed moved as he took his farewell stroll as the adored Cooper patriarch.

The family comedy-drama’s best element is definitely Sheldon’s father, but only because the prequel defied The Big Bang Theory’s conclusions.

While the offshoot’s version of George depicted him as the perfect example of a flawed but dedicated father, Sheldon and Mary’s stories about him in the nerd-centric show portrayed him as a bad spouse and father.

Plot holes resulted from this, some of which were very controversial (as when Young Sheldon revealed George’s cheating scandal). In retrospect, though, given how essential he was to the success of the show, all the narrative problems were worthwhile.

George’s new image enhanced Young Sheldon’s attractiveness, but it also increased the tragedy of his death.

Losing a family member is never easy, but when that family member is someone who dedicates his life to providing for his wife and children—like George was before his untimely death—the emotional toll is greater.

Sheldon’s father was about to live the life he had always wanted, supported by his family and with a better career in Houston awaiting him. But when George died, the CBS programme took that away from him.

Sheldon’s father had been completely redeemed by the time of his death. George’s passing shocked even Meemaw, demonstrating how much of a Young Sheldon figure he had become.

All that’s left is for The Big Bang Theory to formally acknowledge that Sheldon and Mary wronged him by disparaging him during their years in Pasadena. Young Sheldon demonstrated that George deserved none of it.

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