Embracing Unconditional Love: A Father’s Response to Trolls

Being a parent is a journey of love, tenderness, and teaching. Every parent has their unique approach to raising their children, influenced by various factors such as culture, personal preference, and the love they have for their children.

However, sometimes, innocent displays of affection can be met with judgement and criticism, as one devoted father from England, Tom, experienced.

Tom, a loving father from Yorkshire, England, shares a special bond with his two sons, five-year-old Roman and baby Raphael Reign. Tom, known for his captivating icy blue eyes, charming accent, and well-sculpted and tattooed body, often shares videos on TikTok that showcase his deep affection for his children. But unfortunately, this genuine display of love has drawn negative attention from trolls.

Many of Tom’s TikTok videos have addressed accusations that he is confusing or endangering his son, Roman, by kissing him on the lips. Despite the criticism, Tom remains steadfast in his parenting technique and refuses to let the trolls influence his choices.

One concerned user left a comment, expressing their disapproval: “Just gorgeous both, but don’t kiss him on the lips.” Tom responded with confidence, emphasizing that he will continue showering his son with love for as long as he deems necessary and as long as Roman allows it. In his response, Tom beautifully stated, “He’s my best pal, and one day he won’t want me to. So, for now, I’ll carry on as I am.”

Supportive fans quickly flooded the comments section, expressing their love for kissing their own children and grandchildren. One commenter, who had lost her father, expressed her regret for not being able to kiss him again. These heartfelt comments resonated with Tom, as he acknowledged that the love they show Roman is shaping him into a loving little boy.

But the trolls didn’t stop there. One outrageous accusation claimed that kissing could transmit bacteria and make children more susceptible to cavities. Tom responded with a witty video, dismissing the unsupported claim. Roman, giggling with delight, joined in to dismiss the idea. Fans rallied behind Tom, ridiculing the unsupported claim and showing their support for his loving bond with his son.

In another heartwarming video, Tom sat with Roman in the car, reassuring him that nothing would change despite the negative comments. When asked about people who think he shouldn’t kiss his father on the lips, Roman confidently declared, “You are all crazy. That’s my daddy!” The video ended with a sweet kiss shared between father and son.

Fans continued to rally behind Tom, expressing their support and admiration for his strength in standing up against the trolls. They pointed out that children would voice their opinion if they didn’t enjoy being kissed by their parents as they grew older. Others highlighted the different customs and cultures that embrace displays of affection, such as kissing on the cheeks.

Tom also acknowledged an important point raised by a user about the gender double standard. Some individuals seem to have an issue with fathers kissing their children on the lips but not with mothers doing the same. Tom appreciated the user for bringing attention to this double standard and declared that he would not change anything.

In response to concerns about the potential risk of strangers taking advantage of innocent displays of affection, Tom humorously applied the same flawed logic to other aspects of parenting. He emphasized the importance of teaching children the difference between showing affection to their parents and interacting with strangers.

Tom’s online community overwhelmingly supports him, celebrating the love he gives his son and defending his right to express it as he sees fit. After all, online trolls have no authority to dictate how a parent should express their love for their child.

So, what are your thoughts on fathers kissing their children on the lips? Do you believe it’s acceptable for a mother to do the same? Join the discussion and share your perspective on the boundless nature of parental love.

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