Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Splitting Up Comes to Light

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot in a whirlwind ceremony in 2022 in Las Vegas. Now, there are unsettling reports suggesting that the couple might be heading towards a split. Let’s dive into the details to understand what’s happening.

According to some sources, Ben Affleck has been staying at a separate home without his wife, Jennifer Lopez. He was reportedly spotted by paparazzi leaving this residence alone on multiple occasions.

Specifically, the actor was seen in Brentwood, Los Angeles, entering and exiting a home that he appears to be occupying solo. Sources even noted that Affleck has been spending the night at this location.

Earlier this week, InTouch reported that Lopez and Affleck might be calling it quits. The article suggested that Affleck had moved out of their shared marital home in Beverly Hills. While it’s not entirely confirmed whether he’s officially moved out, it does seem that Affleck has been staying in his Brentwood home for at least a week.

Interestingly, both Lopez and Affleck have continued to wear their wedding rings throughout this period. Although they’ve been spotted at different engagements solo recently, Ben was noticeably missing from Lopez’s side at the Met Gala last week.

The reason given for his absence was the filming schedule of “The Accountant 2,” which conflicted with the event. Nonetheless, Affleck was seen in Los Angeles attending Tom Brady’s roast just the night before the Met Gala. Paparazzi have also captured Lopez out and about in L.A. without her husband.

Lopez was recently seen house hunting, accompanied by her longtime producing partner. Initially, it was assumed she was searching for a new home to share with Affleck. Now, speculation is swirling that she might be looking for a place to live by herself.

The last time the couple was photographed together was back in March in New York City. Since then, there have been no public appearances of them together.

As for Affleck, he’s been staying in Brentwood—the same neighborhood where his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and their three children live. Reports indicate that Affleck has been attending events for his children, which might explain his stay in Brentwood to remain close to his kids and support them as their father.

So far, there has been no official statement from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck regarding these rumors.

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