EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry ‘in contact’ with William but not without Meghan as he won’t ‘exclude’ her from talks

Prince Harry ‘in contact’ with William but not without Meghan as he won’t ‘exclude’ her from talks
Royal expert and author Tom Quinn said any message of sympathy the Duke of Sussex sends comes from ‘Harry and Meghan’ as he doesn’t want to do anything to ‘exclude’ his wife

Prince Harry is said to be in contact with his older brother, Prince William, but not “off his own bat” as he does not want to “exclude” his wife Meghan Markle, a royal expert and author has said.

Following the news that the Princess of Wales has been diagnosed with cancer, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a statement wishing her ” health and healing”

It has also been claimed that Harry and Meghan “reached out” to William and Catherine and that there have been some text exchanges between the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales.

Harry and Meghan

Tom Quinn said all messages of sympathy come from “team Meghan and Harry” and the Duke of Sussex “does nothing that might appear to exclude Meghan”. The royal expert told us: “Harry and Meghan‘s contacts and expressions of sympathy are always made as a couple – in other words, Harry has not been in contact with William and Kate off his own bat.

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Harry doesn’t want to do anything that might exclude his wife Meghan, Tom Quinn said (
Getty Images)
“The message of sympathy comes very definitely from team Meghan and Harry – Harry has not sent a message just from him because he does nothing that might appear to exclude Meghan.”

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It is not clear whether Harry and Meghan knew of Catherine’s cancer diagnosis before the news was shared publicly. Some experts claimed the Sussexes ‘had no idea’ before the Princess of Wales released a video announcing she is undergoing therapy, but Mr Quinn told us Harry and Meghan were told about the diagnosis “a very short time” before the television announcement.Harry with William and Catherine in February 2017

Harry with William and Catherine in February 2017 (
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The expert said: “Harry and Meghan were told about Kate’s cancer diagnosis, but only a very short time before the television announcement. Telling them was a huge problem for the palace, because if they’d left Meghan and Harry in the dark until Kate’s TV broadcast there was a real risk the couple would have complained that once again the royal family was treating them badly.”

He added: “Telling them shortly before the TV broadcast meant they couldn’t complain about being ignored while at the same time the palace would know there was less of a risk the couple might spill the beans before Kate’s broadcast.” Following the Princess’ announcement, the Sussexes released a statement which read: “We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace.”


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