Family gives chocolate to their senior dog as a final treat: “No dog should go to Heaven not knowing how chocolate tastes”

Chocolate is delicious, and it’s sad that most dogs go their whole lives without getting a taste, because chocolate is toxic for them.

But one family decided to give their dog a taste of chocolate — a last treat before he was put to sleep 😢❤️

TikTok video posted by user @lushblends26 shows a family feeding pieces of a Hershey’s chocolate bar to their senior dog.

While experts typically warn against feeding chocolate to your dog, they made an exception: the sweet old dog was dying, and they wanted to give him a very special treat before saying goodbye.

“Because no dog should go to Heaven not knowing how chocolate tastes,” the owner wrote.

The dog didn’t eat enough chocolate to cause any harm or discomfort, and the owner wrote in the comments that he “loved it.”

She wrote in the comments that they made the decision to euthanize their old dog after his quality of life declined, and he showed signs that he was ready to let go.

“It was so hard seeing him in pain. Vet told me he will give me signs when he ready to go. He finally showed me those signs.”

It’s always heartbreaking to say goodbye to a pet, and for this family it meant saying goodbye to a friend who had been with them for so much of their lives.

“My husband got him when we started dating,” @lushblends26 explained. “He been there when my kids were just born and was there when they were growing up. He protected me and the kids. Miss him so much!”

@lushblends26You can see he was in so much pain. Hard to get up and it was hard to walk. He lost control of his bowel movements. Stop eating and drinking. Yellow vest helped him get around. Miss him everyday!#dogs #dogsoftiktok #dogsofttiktok #dog #dogsvideo #dogsoftiktokviral #dogstory #heaven #heavenofficialsblessing #veteran #sad #sadstory #heartbroken #heart #fypシ #foryourpage #foryoupageofficiall #foru #foryoupage❤️❤️ #foryou #foryourpage #forupage #foryour #foryoupagethis

♬ Dogs Go to Heaven – Clayton Hackle

The video has gone viral, with nearly 2 million views on TikTok. Many people were moved by the gesture, sharing sympathy and their own experiences.

While a favorite treat among humans, chocolate widely known to be a no-go for dogs, as the theobromine and caffeine can cause stimulation of the central nervous system and heart and act as diuretics.

The potential harm varies in different types of chocolates, with milk chocolate being on the safer end, so it’s unlikely this dog had any adverse side effects from eating a few pieces of Hershey’s.

It’s not uncommon for people to give their dogs a bit of chocolate as a last treat. A vets office in Alabama went viral for their jar of “goodbye kisses” — Hershey Kisses that they give to dogs that are about to be put to sleep.

“This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments…because no dog should go to Heaven without tasting chocolate.”

What a beautiful thing to do for a dog — we know this dog felt such joy and love in his final moments ❤️🌈

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