Man plans wedding to ragdoll – already raising a ‘family’ with her

A lot of people often talk about how in this day and age, where we are always connected to people via our phones and the internet, it can still be very lonely. Similarly, this young man seemed to want to end his loneliness, so he took matters into his own hands.

Keep reading to find out what this young man did…

A man is currently in the midst of planning his dream wedding, but his choice of bride might have you taken aback. Cristian Montenegro, who hails from Columbia, uploads on his TikToke profile the life he shares with his partner Natalia and their children together. There is just one problem: his partner is a ragdoll.

He posts on TikTok with the handle @montbk5959. He posted a video about his first anniversary with his ragdoll girlfriend and has also expressed plans to marry her soon. The video went viral, and people began to ask questions, but as always with internet trends, it died down. But soon after, Cristian was in the limelight again, this time because he revealed that his girlfriend had given birth to their child together. He revealed that this was their third child together. He also explained other aspects of their relationship, including how he had introduced Natalia to his family.


He uploads videos in which he takes Natalia out to shopping and walks, trying to seem like a normal couple. He tells his followers the couple already has a son and daughter together and has decided to name their newborn child Sammy. He also uploads videos of his ragdoll children doing homework or watching television, things you see normal parents doing with their offspring.

Cristian even shared a video of Natalia giving birth to their third child. Natalia lays on a bed in a hospital gown while another doll, wearing a doctor’s lab coat, seems to be attending to her.

AND THEY HAVE KIDS! 😳 This dude built a family with his doll, and they’re living their best life.

He even showed himself in tears as he witnessed Natalia ‘in labor.’ Mere moments after the newborn entered this world, the proud father of the ragdoll child posted a selfie with him.

There are people who express concern about his well-being and also those who leave nasty comments about his lifestyle. Cristian has said to them, “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something.”

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