Mother-in-law mistaken for maid

Mildred decided to pay her son Thomas a visit one day. As she entered his place, he went straight to the kitchen, put an apron on, and started making his favorite cupcakes.

At one moment, someone entered the place. It was Thomas’ girlfriend, Delia. Mildred couldn’t wait to finally meet her future daughter-in-law who was dressed in a fancy dress.

But just as she entered the kitchen, Delia took one of the cupcakes and told Mildred, “We don’t eat this kind of food. Thomas and I are very health-conscious. You should probably ask before baking such things!” mistaking her mother-in-law for their new maid.


Mildred didn’t say anything, she just smiled and that was it. Just then, Thomas entered the kitchen as well and said, “Mom, you’re up early! These look great!”

“That’s your mother?” Delia asked, surprised and embarrassed.

“Yep, and her cupcakes are the best,” Thomas answered with a smile on his face.

Mildred sipped herself some coffee and told her son and Delia that she would take some rest and leave them catch up.

However, despite Mildred behaving as nice as possible, Delia told Thomas that his mother was extremely rude to her and made her feel so small, so belittled.

Thomas was surprised. He assured Delia that his mother was a great person, she just needed time to get to know her.


Mildred overheard their conversation and she knew something about Delia was odd. She could sense she was with her son for his money.

During dinner time, Delia started talking about fashion, trying to impress Mildred, who owned a fashion company she has been building for many years. However, Thomas and Mildred weren’t that interested in Delia’s ideas.

Thomas steered the conversation and turned to his mom saying, “Speaking of fashion trends, Mom, the new summer line is almost ready. We’ve incorporated some bold patterns this time.”


Delia had this idea that the company should follow a marketing idea she stumbled upon on Instagram, but both Thomas and his mom believed it didn’t fit their brand’s style.

“Social media is indeed powerful, Delia. But our brand’s reputation has been built on a certain elegance and timelessness. Flashy isn’t always aligned with our brand identity,” Mildred responded, trying not to offend Delia.

“Right,” Thomas added, “we aim for a balance between trend-setting and maintaining our brand’s classic appeal. It’s a fine line in the fashion industry.”

Then, Thomas said it was enough speaking of business because he had something more important to share with his mom; he and Delia were getting married. He popped the question and she said ‘yes.’

“That’s quite the news, Thomas,” Mildred replied, not sure if that was a good idea.


“Isn’t it wonderful, Mildred? We’re so happy,” Delia said, smiling.

“Of course. How about some wine to celebrate?” Mildred said, asking Delia to get some wine from the cellar.

“Sure, Mildred,” Delia replied.

Once Delia left the room, Mildred raised her concerns. She tried to warn Thomas about Delia, but he wouldn’t listen. He told his mom that he was happy with his future wife and that he was certain she loved him for who he was, not his company or his money.

When Delia returned, she didn’t only carry a bottle of wine in her hand, but a plate covered with a sheet too.

She placed it in front of Thomas and asked him to see what was underneath.

Thomas took the sheet off and saw a pregnancy test showing two red lines.

“We’re going to have a baby, Thomas!” Delia shouted. Thomas was filled with joy. He got out of his seat and wrapped Delia in a hug.

All Mildred could mutter was, “Con-congratulations.”


Realizing they were determined to get married and with a baby on the way, Mildred suggested Thomas and Delia sign a prenup. That was if he wanted her to give him the control over the business.

After Mildred left, Delia and Thomas spoke about what his mom told them. Delia was against signing a prenup, and Thomas said that their love was bigger than the company and that if his mom refuses to give him control over the business, they could do something else and find jobs, but Delia got angry and said that wasn’t an option.

Later that evening, as Thomas was getting ready to take a shower and with his mom’s words echoing in his head, he saw the pregnancy test which was placed on the edge of the sink. As he though about what to do next, the tests accidentally fell into the sink and the red color of the two lines started to smudge.

He realized Delia wasn’t really pregnant. She drew the lines using a marker. Was his mother right about her after all?


After he recovered from the shock, Thomas decided to test Delia. He wanted to know if she truly loved him or she was with him for his money.

The following day, Delia tired to convince Thomas that they needed to break free from his mother, who Delia said was controlling, and run the business by themselves.

“Think about it. You can break free from her. Transfer the ownership of the business to me. We can run it together without her looming over us,” Delia said.

“Transfer the business to you? That’s my family’s legacy,” he replied. “My mother has spent her life building it.”

Delia gave Thomas an ultimatum. “It’s either me or her, Thomas. Choose me, or I’ll leave,” she said.

Thomas pretended to agree because he came up with an idea. “Alright, I’ll transfer the business to you,” he said, hiding his real plan.

“You won’t regret this, Thomas. We’ll be unstoppable together,” she whispered.

Delia thought she had won. With Thomas transferring the business to her, she had a plan to remove Mildred from her way by not letting her to have a say about the company.

She was speaking on the phone to one of her friends, bragging how she has finally done it when someone knocked on the door.

Delia ended the conversation and opened the door. There was a man in uniform, stern and official, with a group of people accompanying him.

“Miss, I’m Patrick. We’re here to commence the attachment of assets,” the man announced, extending a formal document to her. “The business Thomas transferred to you has significant unpaid taxes. You’re in serious legal trouble.”

Delia panicked. “Please, can we talk about this in private? I’m sure we can make a deal,” she pleaded while the men moved around the house listing furniture and valuables.

“And what about Thomas? Are you willing to throw him under the bus for your gain?” Patrick asked her.

She said that she didn’t care about him, she only cared about the company. “It was all a ruse to gain control of his assets. I’m sure you and I can work out a deal,” she confessed, desperate. “Come on, how much do you want?”

“So, you’re offering financial incentives, and perhaps more, to make this go away?” he asked loudly. “Is that what you hear, too, Thomas?” Patrick called out.

Thomas and his mom stepped out from behind the door of the adjoining room.

“Y-you set this up?” Delia started yelling.

Thomas smiled. “Meet Patrick and his team of actors, love,” he said sarcastically. “The documents for the business transfer were fake… just like your pregnancy test, Delia. Next time you try this ruse on some unsuspecting fool, you might want to use a permanent ink marker.”

Delia started crying and begging for another chance. She tried to convince Thomas that she truly loved him, but he was done with her.

As he told her to leave his place, Thomas turned to his mother and thanked her for helping him realize what kind of woman he wanted to marry.

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