Off The Record

The rumours about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marital problems have not been dispelled by the actor’s latest appearance without his wedding ring. Once considered a case of second chance romances, their renewed romance now faces additional difficulties such as living apart and under public attention. The duo is also coping with the residual effects of their previous partnerships.

On May 18, TMZ released a picture of Ben Affleck inside a car, noticeably devoid of his wedding ring on his left finger as he fiddled with the sun visor, sparking rumours. Rumours that Affleck and Jennifer “JLo” Lopez, his wife of over two years, would be divorcing quickly followed this sighting.

Fans and bystanders had quick and varied responses. Some were not surprised, stating that both parties need to learn how to be content on their own. Others expressed concern, suggesting that there might be more serious problems at hand.

While some questioned Affleck’s motivations, others expressed their hope for both Affleck and Lopez to find happiness in their individual lives. Despite the ongoing speculation, a recent picture showing Affleck wearing his wedding ring once again implies that the couple is still together.

These recent sightings indicate that Ben and JLo are still together despite the ongoing rumours about their relationship. The couple has previously cited the public’s relentless scrutiny as a contributing factor to their previous breakup in the early 2000s.

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