Ozzy Osbourne: Still rocking despite health challenges

Ozzy Osbourne has been through so much over the years.

Ever since his quad-bike accident in 2003, everything went downfall for the Black Sabbath singer. Later, in 2019, he suffered yet another life-threatening fall when he fell in his bathroom and dislodged metal screws in his spine.

Recently, the 75-year-old singer gave a health update and spoke of his final surgery to mend his broken neck, describing the last few years as “absolute hell.”

While on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Ozzy was asked how he was feeling.

His response was: “I finally had my last procedure two days ago.

“I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of it. The main thing is over now, I’m done with the surgery.”

He then added: “But it’s been five years of absolute hell for me and my family. The family has been so supportive of me. I couldn’t have done it without them. It’s been a really bad scene. I have Parkinson’s, but I never think about it.”

The good thing is that despite all the challenges, “The Prince of darkness” was spotted walking without his cane in LA and many of his fans say that’s optimistic.

Although the singer announced he won’t be performing any longer, he never hid the fact that he wanted to take the stage again.

Speaking to Ozzy, fellow British musician Billy Morrison said, “Ozzy you’re looking so much better,” to what the singer replied, “It’s just a job, it’s what I do now.” Ozzy then added: “I just came back from the doctor today and my blood clots are gone, everything’s back to normal. I can bend my neck. I just gotta get my balance going now.”

At the time, Ozzy is only seeing his doctor for the Parkinson’s which he was diagnosed with in 2003.

“I’m not seeing so many doctors anymore. I’m just seeing the Parkinson’s doctor but I’m not having surgery or anything. I had seven surgeries in five years,” he explained.

As of his recovery, he said it was a slow process and it would take time as he’s no longer young.

The good thing is that his attitude is positive.

Back in the day, when Ozzy was an active drug user, he had undergone a surgery and the doctor was forced to apply four times the normal dose of anesthetic. The doctor was stunned and allegedly asked the singer why wasn’t he asleep. “I had a method while I was doing all of this s***,” Ozzy said in an interview with the radio station Sirius XM, referring to the anaesthetic incident. The doctor then gave him what is known as “two full syringes,” in order to put him to sleep for the procedure.

Ozzy broke his bad habits some years ago but he still experienced run-ins with relapse.

During an occasion he revealed that he once bought $600 worth of cannabis at one of California’s legal weed shops. Eventually, he didn’t use it, but it was a close call.

“I got it, and I thought, what the *** have I bought that for? Four ounces? I just got Covid, so there’s no point in my smoking anyway. I’d got one of those notions, which was something along the lines of ‘that would be good.’ But I never smoked one.”

Speaking of what helped him stay off substances, the musician revealed it was that he got honest with himself and had full support from his family.

We only wish Ozzy Osbourne the best life brings.

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