Queen Camilla Furious with Prince Harry’s Unapproved Visit to His Father

Sensational reports have emerged claiming that Queen Camilla was left enraged by Prince Harry’s spontaneous decision to rush home without seeking palace approval. Radar Online, citing the National Enquirer, alleges that the Queen was behind the limited thirty-minute meeting between Harry and his father, Prince Charles.

Queen Camilla 'outraged' after Prince Harry's visit to see his father for "loving son PR stunt", claims source

Harry flew back to the UK from the US upon hearing about Charles’s cancer diagnosis, reportedly alerted by Charles himself. However, this impromptu visit did not lead to the expected peace talks between the warring royals. The meeting between Harry and his father was reportedly brief, with Charles traveling by helicopter to the royal estate of Sandringham while Harry was not allowed to follow.

The details of the father-son conversation remain a mystery, as does the type and stage of Charles’s cancer. Only a select few are privy to this private information.

However, Harry’s trip to the UK did not sit well with all members of the royal family. Rumors circulated that Prince William had no intention of meeting his younger brother. In addition, Queen Camilla was reportedly seething with anger over Harry’s actions.

According to a source from the National Enquirer, the Queen was furious that Harry had flown in from his California home without seeking palace approval and had come with an attitude. It is also claimed that Harry insisted Camilla leave the room before he could talk to his father, further exacerbating tensions.

“I’m told Camilla was outraged,” the source revealed. “She has endured years of criticism from Harry but using his father’s cancer as a ‘loving son’ PR stunt is the final straw.”

The alleged animosity between Queen Camilla and Prince Harry has been ongoing for years, with Harry blaming Camilla for the break up of his parents’ marriage. The source continued, “After the father-son reunion, I hear she told Harry he’s a disgrace to his father, the family, and the monarchy – and she left no doubt he isn’t wanted back!”

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