Retired Couple Spent Almost 500 Days On Cruise Ships As It’s Cheaper Than Retirement Home

Jess and Marty Ansen, facing economic challenges and soaring housing costs, opted for an unconventional solution: living on a cruise ship for nearly 500 days. Senior journalist Diana Olick highlights pandemic-induced housing market challenges, with high prices and rents.

Choosing the Coral Princess cruise ship in June 2022, the Ansens found their sea-bound life more economical than traditional retirement communities. They relish limitless travel and enhanced quality of life, with Marty expressing contentment, “Whatever comes, book it.”

Living aboard offers luxury amenities, housekeeping, and social activities, relieving them of chores. They enjoy a vibrant social life, forming connections with passengers and crew.

Their unconventional choice mirrors economic realities. Over 500,000 lost homes in the past year, with many struggling financially. High-interest rates worsen financial burdens, signaling future challenges. In this crisis, inventive living solutions like theirs become essential amidst economic uncertainties.

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