Stay strong. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Justin Bieber and his family for their tragic loss

After what is said to have been a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, Justin Bieber is saddened by the death of his friend in the music business, Chris King.

By working with fellow musician Trippie Redd, the rapper became famous.

Justin put up a video on his Instagram Stories of him and Chris hugging each other.

He wrote, “Love you, bro,” under the shot.

“This one hurts. Please pray for his family,” Justin asked his fans.

“See you in paradise, brother,” Justin said as this ended.

On Instagram, Trippie Redd shared a few pictures of Chris with Justin.

The rapper cried, “I’m so hurt right now I can’t even think.”

“I love you, bro, come back!” Trippie Red said she added a bunch of broken heart emojis.

A friend named Courtland Young was tagged in Chris’ Instagram Story from late Friday night. He then posted something on his own story.

“I simply cannot respond to all of your direct messages… “I understood him, was his friend, and had his back,” he said.

“People in his life can tell you to shut up about things you don’t know,” the musician said.

“I can’t speak on this [right now] but I’ve been on the phone with his family and close friend,” said Courtland.

“I simply witnessed a close friend take his own life, and now I’m being questioned? He yelled, “Get the f**k out!”

“Please let his family grieve while things get worked out,” he told those who followed him.

Chris’s 26-year-old Industry rapper DJ Scheme wrote on X, which used to be called Twitter, “RIP.”

“Damn dumbass, what the heck?” he asked.

DJ Scheme said, “Rest in peace, Chris King.”

A number of followers talked about how shocked they were by the terrible news.

One X user yelled, “What?!?”

A second asked, “Damn, bro, is it real?”

The same person said, “I can’t believe this s**t.”

Three people said, “No way… RIP, man.”

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