Target to launch new self-checkout lane policy

Self-checkout is always a bone of contention. Some people love them, while others can’t stand the thought of having to scan their own items.

This week Target announced a new self-checkout policy that will impact all customers.

Keep reading for more details on Target’s plan for the future of self-checkout.

On Thursday, the retail giant announced they would begin limiting the number of items a customer could purchase at a self-checkout lane. Previously, there was no limit, but now Target announced self-checkout lanes will be reserved for 10 items or less.

In preparation for more people needing a regular cashier, the company said: “We’re opening more traditional lanes staffed by our team members across all our stores for guests who have more in their Target carts, need a helping hand, or just enjoy connecting with our team to help them get on their way sooner.”

While store leaders will have the flexibility to open more lanes as needed, the express self-checkout “will be available during the busiest shopping times.”

The change comes as some shoppers have grown frustrated with self-checkout lanes.

Self-checkout lanes were made to speed up checkout times and save on labor costs, but between glitches and the occasional stolen item, self-checkout lanes haven’t lived up to their potential.

A video on TikTok sparked rumors that Walmart might also be doing away with self-checkout, though the company has yet to respond.

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