TV presenter with Māori face tattoo hits back at cruel trolls.

The television host, who has a beautiful Māori face tattoo, elegantly addressed negative comments from a viewer and expressed her strong pride in her cultural heritage and identity.Online discussions frequently arise about facial tattoos, as some people believe tattoos should only be on the body, while others appreciate their cultural importance.

Māori TV presenter responds gracefully to criticis... | NIT


Oriini Kaipara, aged 41, became a pioneer in the field of television presenting. She created history by joining New Zealand’s Newshub as a newsreader. Oriini became the first-ever primetime TV news bulletin presenter to proudly wear a moko kauae, a significant cultural symbol for Māori women.The Māori people, who are the original Polynesian inhabitants of mainland New Zealand, consider moko kauae as significant representations of their heritage and identity. These tattoos on the face, traditionally placed on the lips and chins, represent a woman’s family ties, her role as a leader in her community, and acknowledge her ancestry, social standing, and abilities.

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