WATCH: Awkward Video Appears To Show Brandon Zoning Out During Live Interview

NOTE: This article was originally written in October of 2022, when the incident occurred. Though old, we believe it is still relevant because of the recurrent questions about Biden’s mental health, such as the late-February 2024 questions about why Biden has not taken a cognitive test as part of his physical exam. 

If you were one of our senile president’s handlers, then you’d probably understand that having him do live events is a big, big risk with no real payoff. Why have him do a live event rather than one where, if he starts mumbling about “malarkey,” ranting about Cornpop, says something nonsensical, or otherwise makes a standard or worse Biden gaffe, that can just be edited out by his MSM allies?

But, regardless of what common sense might have told them to do, Biden decided to do a live interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart. It didn’t go great, particularly when it looked like Slow Joe Biden fell asleep during the middle of the interview.

As you can watch in the video, Biden, while talking, suddenly drifts off and appears to fall asleep…which isn’t exactly what you might hope to see from the supposed leader of the free world. Now, did Biden actually fall asleep? No, probably not. But it wasn’t a great look, as Trump’s famous “Sleepy Joe” insult is already on everyone’s lips thanks to the current president’s apparent senility, or at least not being totally “all there” mentally.

But the awkward drift off to sleep wasn’t the only awkward part of that video. Perhaps about as bad was what he said, which was his answer to Capeheart’s question of whether his wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden wants him to run again. Answering, and looking like he drifted off during his answer, Biden said: “I have not made that formal decision, but it’s my intention. My intention to run again, and we have time to make that decision.”

Following up, Capeheart pressed on the Dr. Jill question, asking: “Dr. Biden is for it?” And that’s the part where Biden looked like he fell asleep, eyes drifting closed and no response forthcoming. So Capeheart had to try to nudge him into responding, saying “Mr. President…?” in an attempt to get Biden to wake up, refocus, and respond. That worked, with President Biden jumping back into things and stumbling over a response, saying, “Dr. Biden thinks that my wife thinks that that I know that we’re that we’re doing something very important.”

The New York Post, adding some context to Biden’s age and the concerns Americans have regarding his mental state, noted that Biden will be 86 at the end of his term if he wins the 2024 election, raising more questions about his old age and mental health. In fact, the NYP noted in the 2022 article, then about two-thirds of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, were at least “somewhat concerned” about Biden’s mental health.

So whether Biden fell asleep or just zoned out, with the zoning out seeming more likely in this case, his conduct on camera probably won’t help reassure the Americans already worried about his mental state and cognitive abilities.

Featured image credit: screenshot from embedded Twitter video

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