“When Movie Magic Gets Scary”: Tom Hanks Opens Up About His Challenging Time Working with Clint Eastwood

Tom Hanks, a Hollywood veteran with an impressive list of accomplishments, has had his fair share of memorable experiences on movie sets. However, not all of them have been pleasant. In a recent interview, Hanks revealed his terrifying encounter while working with legendary director Clint Eastwood.

Appearing in the film Sully: Miracle on the Hudson, Hanks shared his candid thoughts on The Graham Norton Show in 2016. He compared Eastwood’s approach to working with actors to that of handling horses, drawing an intriguing parallel to the director’s experience on the 60s series ‘Rawhide.’

Tom Hanks and the Intimidating World of Clint Eastwood

Despite his busy schedule filled with shootings, promotions, and awards shows, Tom Hanks received numerous accolades for his portrayal of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in Clint Eastwood’s Sully: Miracle on the Hudson. However, Hanks’ experience on set was far from fulfilling.

During his appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Hanks opened up about feeling intimidated by Eastwood and his unique directing style. He described the director’s quiet demeanor and unconventional way of giving instructions, opting for a gentle approach instead of the traditional “Cut!” command.

Hanks jokingly mentioned how intimidating it can be when Eastwood tells the cast, “That’s enough of that.” Despite the challenges, Hanks acknowledged Eastwood’s desire for authenticity in capturing the reality of the moment.

Behind the Scenes of Clint Eastwood’s Film

While discussing his work on The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hanks praised the authenticity of the movie and expressed his gratitude and respect for Clint Eastwood’s dedication to delivering a masterpiece. Hanks revealed that the real-life Sully, Chesley Sullenberger, was actively involved in the production process.

Hanks recalled the meticulous attention to detail from Sullenberger, who brought a dog-eared, marked-up script filled with notes and comments. This level of involvement demonstrated Sully’s commitment to accurately portraying the procedure and emotions of the extraordinary event.

Portraying the role of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who made a heroic emergency landing on the Hudson River, was a significant accomplishment for Tom Hanks. The 2016 drama, based on a true story, garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, earning over $240 million at the box office.

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