«Who said tattoos are NOT for grannies?» One elderly woman showed her tattoos and stormed the Internet

The fascinating tale of today concerns Kerstin Tristan, who is already a grandma. Since she originally disclosed her unconventional appearance in 2016, she has gained a lot of attention and recognition, as well as a sizable following.

She had previously been adamantly opposed to tattoos, but in 2015, Kerstin decided she wanted something different and bravely started her journey toward body modification. She defied all norms and stereotypes by having tattoos covering the majority of her body.

She drew realistic portraits, flowers, and designs with leopard prints. For Kerstin, each of them holds great significance and carries a unique meaning. She has shared pictures of herself before and after, and these days, she encourages people to follow their aspirations and face their fears head-on.

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