Why Chip and Joanna Gaines Concern Us

In late September 2017, Chip and Joanna Gaines made the decision to stop their enormously popular home remodeling TV series Fixer Upper, which debuted in 2013.

The duo announced that season 5 of Fixer Upper would be their final one in a post. “It is with both sadness and expectation that we share the news that season 5 will be our last,” they wrote.

“Although we are certain that this is the best option for us, it hasn’t always been simple to accept. Your family and ours have grown up side by side, and we have felt your support on the other side of the television. What a painful goodbye to the same thing that first brought us all together.”

Despite Chip and Joanna’s claims that they want to settle down and spend more time with their children, we have some concerns about their future as a cute, traditional marriage.

They may have difficulties as a couple, but they are also dealing with a lot of drama outside their relationship, which might easily lead to conflict. Here’s why Chip and Joanna’s marriage and empire are causing us concern.

Chip is being sued for fraud…

A lawsuit was obtained by KWTX in April 2017, charging Chip of fraud. The lawsuit, which was brought by his former business associates John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark, alleges that Chip persuaded his partners to sell their Magnolia Realty stock just before he and Joanna announced they were receiving a TV program.

In spite of their longstanding friendship, Chip Gaines plotted to have his business partners fired to ensure that he alone would benefit from Magnolia Realty’s affiliation with Fixer Upper, the lawsuit claims.

“At a time when only the Defendants knew that Fixer Upper had been fast-tracked for a one-hour premiere on HGTV and was on the verge of radically changing their lives and business enterprises,” the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit asks for more than $1 million in damages as well as non-monetary compensation. It also claims that Chip intimidated Clark and Lewis through text messages.

…but he denies the allegations

Before suing him, Chip denied that Lewis and Clark had gotten in touch with him concerning their Magnolia Realty shares. “By the way, I’ve had the same cell phone number for 15 years and the same email address for 20 years. No one answered the phone or sent an email? ‘Friends’ reach out via lawsuit four years later. Humm,” he tweeted.

“We are confident that these claims will be found to be meritless,” Chip’s attorney told Fox News. “It is disappointing to see people try to take advantage of the hard work and success of Chip and Joanna Gaines.”

But, according to Radar Online, Lewis and Clark’s attorney, “They did contact him. When Chip gave it to his attorney, there were talks between attorneys. The statute of limitations for these allegations in Texas is four years. Unless the case was filed, it was lost.”

“We’ve tried to resolve it quickly,” the lawyer continued. To reach a settlement, however, both parties must be present. They don’t seem to want to sit down and negotiate, so we’ll file a lawsuit, have a trial, take it to court, and let the judge make the decision.

They were accused of being homophobic…

Chip and Joanna attend the Antioch Community Church, which has a strong stance against same-sex unions and allegedly practices contentious LGBT conversion therapy. The article pointed out that Fixer Upper never featured same-sex couples on the show, in contrast to House Hunters or The Property Brothers. The piece sparked a wave of criticism directed against the couple and the show.

In a statement to BuzzFeed, HGTV refuted the homophobia claims, saying, “We don’t discriminate against members of the LGBT community in any of our shows. HGTV is proud of its track record of featuring characters from many spheres of life in its programs.”

Chip defended the BuzzFeed article’s author as well as a Cosmopolitan editor who picked up the story from conservatives who harassed the journalists after the story went viral before making any comments about his opinions. Chip tweeted, “I beg that people kindly, regardless of our decision to make a statement about all this nonsense, or not! esteem @ginamei and @KateAurthur.”

…but denied it

In a blog post in response to the BuzzFeed article, Chip said, “In my lifetime, I can’t recall humanity being more split. There are many people who are depressed, afraid, and angry, and we are given soundbites that seem to be motivated by condemnation, fear, and even hatred. This is our home, and Jo and I will not be coerced into using our power in a way that will further harm a world that is already suffering. A divided home cannot endure… We must learn to treat those who are different from us with respect and love if there is any chance for all of us to go forward, heal, and evolve.”

“Joanna and I have personal convictions,” he continued. “One of them is that we are concerned about you simply because you are a person and our neighbor here on Earth. We are already rooting for you, regardless of the color of your skin, the amount of money you have in the bank, your political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, or place of worship.”

“The same thing that Jo and I want for ourselves and for you is to live strong and courageous lives. However, words may pierce deeply, and it hurts more than anything when someone misinterprets your intentions. If I misunderstand someone and turn out to be mistaken, I want to be mistaken because I thought the best of them. In the end, I would choose to be loving over being correct.”

As of the time of this writing, Joanna has kept her opinions on homosexuality a secret.

They disagree on having more kids

Joanna and Chip’s divergent views on family growth are another factor that could lead to a breakup or at the very least friction in their marriage. They currently have daughters Ella and Emmie Kay, sons Drake, and Duke.

“I’m trying to talk him into another child,” Joanna stated during an AOL Build Series lecture in October 2016.

Joanna also said in June 2017: “I would love another baby—or twins! ‘Mom, can you have another baby?’ is a question my children frequently ask me. But Chip believes we’re finished.”

“Daughter Emmie has never really wanted a younger sibling, but now she’s like, ‘Okay,’” she continued. “I want a brother or a sister. I, therefore, believe that might be a sign.”

Chip joked, “I think that’s a sign that Emmie’s lost her mind.”

Their body language isn’t promising

Chip appears in their farewell goodbye to Fixer Upper video in his warm and jovial customary form. Joanna seems uneasy; she seems to be either on the point of tears or trying to contain an eye roll at any given moment.

He smiles the entire while the clip is playing. Despite the fact that they are sitting next to each other and holding hands, observe how they are seated: According to body language specialists, Joanna is withdrawing and indifferent (or unattracted) to Chip if her legs are turned away from him.

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