Woman pours water over neighbor’s son after he did the same to her cat

A woman has gone viral on the internet after admitting what she did to get back at her neighbor’s son for what he did to her pet cat.
The woman – who was identified as Shannon Cooper – revealed that she threw water all over her neighbor’s young son after he poured a cup of water over her cat.

When she revealed what she’d done on Twitter, she ended up sparking fierce debate over which party was in the wrong.

She wrote: “My 10-year-old neighbor just threw a cup of water over my cat who was sitting on the fence minding his own business n laughed so I threw a basin of water over him from the window and now his dad is at my door going mental but I don’t see the problem, don’t touch my cat.”

“Be careful because you could be charged with assault. It will not matter to a judge what the kid did to your cat. All that matters is that you assaulted a child with water. I’m just saying because not everyone will laugh,” one person wrote.

“Its v childish how you handled it you should had told the parents first so that they could punish their own kid… Like no that wouldn’t hurt a kid but at the same time as a parent myself ID LIKE TO HANDLE MY KID because no its not right the kid did that but its also not yours [sic],” a further user added.

Another person didn’t agree, writing: “Someone messes with my cat, they will be dealing with me.”

Someone else shared the same sentiments, saying: “Just goes to show you that if you don’t teach your kids respect, somebody else will!”

After thousands of people commented on the situation, Shannon was forced to explain herself a little more, writing: “[People] r so mad over this, the kid and his dad were laughing about it today, we r friends (also might I add the dad never knew what his son done which is why he was mad to begin with) also the kid is 13 he rlly looks fkn 10 lmao [sic].” She later revealed her neighbor’s son was actually 13 years old, but that he just “looks 10”.

Shannon also added that after the young boy threw water over her cat, her neighbor became angry at her for throwing water over her son… But that the boy wasn’t going to have any repercussions for harming Shannon’s innocent pet.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think Shannon went too far? Or did the young boy get a well-deserved taste of his own medicine?

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