Woman who ‘married’ ragdoll now has children with him – says life with kids is complicated

Everyone finds love in different ways. And sometimes, it is not always easy. This woman found her way to love in quite an untraditional way. Now, she has an update that will stun people…

Keep reading to know more about this very interesting story.

37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes hails from Brazil but made headlines all over the world because of her marriage. What made her wedding an international spectacle? The person she chose to marry! She married a life-sized ragdoll named Marcelo.

Now, the couple is reportedly parents to three children. A 1-year-old son named Marcelinho and newborn twin daughters Marcela and Emilia.

According to Meirivone, her family life is as complicated as any other mother and wifes’ would be. She updates people on her life on TikTok. She shares how the couple have split their duties when it comes to parenting equally. Marcelo however, is the one who worries about the family’s finances.

She also shares how life with kids has been difficult. She said, “It’s not easy but at the same time, I get emotional every moment, every second. In everyday life, Marcelo and I have a lot of tasks with the new babies, as well as looking after our first child. And even when I’m tired, he helps me bathe, eat and sleep.”

But while this is all stressful for Marcelo, she says everything they have is worth it. “Despite his concerns, he always dreamed of having a family and children, so this is all he ever wished for,” Meirivone shared.

The couple now have their sights set on owning their own home. “My dream now is to own my own house,” she added. “Since our wedding in 2018, I’ve been scouring the internet every day. I won’t give up,” the determined mom of three explained.

While the relationship is quite unique, it comes with its own set of problems. The couple has not always had it easy. In June 2023, Meirivone revealed that Marcelo had cheated on her and it was not the first time he did so. She punished him by making him sleep on the couch and removed his genitalia as a punishment.

In February 2023, their child Marcelinho was kidnapped and a ransom of $200 was demanded. He has since then been reunited with his family and was also present when the family did the gender reveal for their kids.

Truly, all families are unique in their own way. This family seems to have their own set of unique problems but manages to get past them nonetheless. Share this with others so they can also learn about this very unique family and their lives!

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