He didn’t read a book until he was 31, then a diagnosis led him to inspire kids with similar struggles

Henry Winkler’s road to success was far from easy. He struggled in school which resulted in harsh punishment from his parents, and after awhile the putdowns and name-calling, something he vowed he would never do to his own children, affected his confidence. It wouldn’t be until decades later that he would learn there was a reason he … Read more

“Older woman” who took Prince Harry’s virginity steps forward: All you need to know about Sasha Walpole

Prince Harry’s book Spare became an instant success when it dropped on January 10. About a month has now passed since its release, the dust settled. Of course, if anyone thought it was going to mark a peace offering to his family members, they were sorely mistaken. The rift between Harry and the British Royal Family seems … Read more

LeBron James rants at NBA’s replay center for calls, Lakers lose on buzzer-beater, trail Denver 2-0

DENVER (AP) — LeBron James was seeing red after the Los Angeles Lakers watched a golden opportunity slip away. His frustration wasn’t so much centered on blowing a 20-point lead. Or his late missed 3-pointer that rimmed out with the game tied. Or Jamal Murray’s fadeaway buzzer-beater that gave the Denver Nuggets a 101-99 win over the … Read more

Kate Middleton’s emotional three-word response when hearing a royal fan’s cancer diagnosis, revealed

Kate Middleton has begun her chemotherapy after receiving her cancer diagnosis some month ago. The Princess of Wales revealed the diagnosis in an emotional video on March 22, and since then, there has been an eerie silence regarding her health status. As Kate Middleton was recovering from her abdominal surgery, she was initially expected to … Read more

Woman with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ is unrecognizable in pic taken six years ago

These days, plastic surgery has become something accessible to a lot more people. More and more people are changing their appearances from slight adjustments to complete transformations. One Ukrainian model has dubbed herself the woman with the biggest cheeks. She has undergone many various procedures over the last six years, too many to count. Her … Read more