Mother-in-law cannot stand son’s choice of bride – attacks her on big day in several dirty ways

A wedding day is usually supposed to be the happiest day of a couple’s life. The bride usually has been dreaming of it for a very long time. But as always, there might be someone not entirely happy with the whole thing.

What happened at this wedding was shocking. Keep reading to learn more…

It was supposed to be the happiest day in the couple’s life. But the groom’s family wasn’t going to let it happen. During the wedding ceremony, perpetrators managed to attack the bride. And they were hired by none other than the bride’s dreadful mother-in-law.

It was on February 17th last month when a wedding in Mexico was taking place. However, the wedding did not go entirely as planned. The painful and outrageous story has now been shared on both Reddit and in a thread on X, formerly known as Twitter.

It all started when the bride named Alexandra and her husband, whose name is unknown, got together.

The relationship was sadly, not welcomed by his family. He comes from a wealthy family that always wished he would marry a similarly rich woman. Meanwhile he chose Alexandra, who comes from a poorer family. His family decided that they did not want to accept Alexandra in their fold solely because of her monetary status.

The man’s brother even offered Alexandra money to end the relationship; something she refused.

When it was time for Alexandra and her husband’s wedding, the groom’s family refused to attend. No one showed up; not his mother, sister, brother, or father showed up.

However, they certainly intended to cause a scene from afar…

The main person angered by the nuptials was Alexandra’s mother-in-law, so she did something that made her the most hated person in their town.

Alexandra’s mother-in-law had hired three local thugs who just before the wedding ceremony ran up to Alexandra and threw red paint on her white wedding dress. The wedding guests looked on in sheer horror. An anonymous user on Reddit wrote that the worst thing for Alexandra was to see her own mother’s terrified look, as she initially thought the paint was blood and that she had been seriously injured.

Fortunately, the situation could be quickly resolved with a replacement dress. But the dreadful family didn’t intend to stop there…

The family had found out where the wedding photography would take place after the ceremony. They then left an anonymous tip to the police that the bridal couple and the wedding guests had drugs on them. The police showed up and searched everyone at the wedding but of course found nothing.

To further ruin things for the bridal couple, the family had also stolen the groom’s passport and visa so that they couldn’t go on the honeymoon as they had planned. According to reports, they also tried to bribe the travel agency to ruin the trip for them, which fortunately they did not succeed in. According to viral reports, the man’s father is not the driving force behind the humiliation and the attempts to crush the couple’s relationship. However, he stands silently by as the rest of the family lets it happen. He is also said to have kicked his son out of the family business.

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